8 Harmless Halloween Tricks and Pranks for Kids

For a truly Happy Halloween, you need more than just treats. These funny Halloween tricks are perfect for kids, and these harmless pranks are spooky fun for the rest of the family, too.

1. You’ve Been Booed Halloween Trick

This harmless prank gets the whole neighborhood in the mood for a boo-filled Halloween. Fill a small basket with candy treats and cut a paper ghost door hanger with the word Boo! on it. Place it on a neighbor’s porch in secret and knock on the door. To craft the door hanger, trace a paper ghost, then cut a hole in the center for the doorknob. Add eyes and a note to tell the person that they’ve been “Boo-ed,” and they have one week to pass the trick (and a new treat!) onto someone else.

2. Make a Giant Cotton Ball Spider Web

Make giant spider webs out of stretched cotton balls and drape them around your yard and home. To turn this classic decoration into a spooky prank, place the webs in unexpected areas overnight to shock and delight your family on Halloween morning.

3. Bug-Infused Ice Cube Trick

Freeze gummy worms or bug-shape candy into classic ice cube trays for a funny prank and spooky-sweet drink surprise. Place one candy in each cube, then fill the ice cube tray with water as usual. Once the water freezes, pop out the ice cubes and add them to any drink. Our favorite? Halloween-theme punch.

Editor’s Tip: Don’t worry if the candy spills over the tray edge. It just adds to the scary effect of this Halloween prank.

4. Spooky Halloween Food Guessing Game

Turn your child’s food favorites into a funny Halloween guessing game. Blindfold your kid, bring out an assortment of dishes, and tell them to guess what “body part” they’re feeling Our favorite trick ideas? Cook spaghetti noodles and place in a bowl to disguise them as “brains.” Peeled grapes make “eyeballs,” pretzels are “fingers,” and halved almonds are “fingernails.” Another classic: halved hard-boiled eggs are “eyeball sockets.”

5. Halloween Candy Jar Guessing Game

This is one of our favorite Halloween pranks for kids. Fill a glass jar with Halloween candy, then let your kids try to guess how many pieces are in the jar. To turn this classic guessing game into a trick, place different-sizes gum balls into the jar to make it more difficult to estimate. Keep small ones on the outside and large ones on the inside—they’ll be stumped!

6. Hidden Skeleton in the Yard

Add creepy Halloween curb appeal by placing skeletons in surprising places. If you want to spook someone special, place a friendly-looking skeleton outside their window or in a tree. These creative decorations can also surprise and delight trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood.

7. Cast a Ghostly Silhouette

Create spooky shadows by adding small silhouette cutouts to the insides of lampshades all over the house. Cut witch and ghost shapes from black construction paper, then tape to the inside of any lampshade. When someone turns on the light, they will be shocked by the shadows that magically appear.

Editor’s Tip: To prevent discoloring on the shade, use a low-watt bulb so the paper silhouettes don’t overheat, and don’t leave the lamp on for long periods of time.

8. Drive Your Family Batty

This harmless prank helps Halloween spirit take flight. Lightly tape the bats all around your home in unexpected places. Dim the lights and let jack-o’-lanterns glow to set a moody vibe.

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