15 Life Saving Tricks That Could Save Your Life Someday

You need to know some helpful tricks in order to save your life from dangerous situations or incidents. Our life is unpredictable, but you can handle it properly by knowing some useful life hacks. There is every possibility of facing a life-threatening situation, so knowing these life hacks can help you or the people around you. As life is a chance given or taken, here, we have compiled 15 tricks that will save your life you when you needed the most.

1. When you feel like you are going to get a heart attack, start coughing

Breathe in the air deeply and cough it out vigorously, keep on doing this as hard as you can, till help arrives. Try to cough for every 2 seconds till help arrives. If the person does not cough, he or she will become passed out eventually. In such situations, it is very hard to make them gain consciousness. This useful hack works better for people; those feel like they are going get a heart attack.

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2. Never try to inflate the life jacket while you are still in the plane

This is one must-know useful hack, as plane crashes are in the rise from the past few years. If the plane is landed in the water then you must use the jacket to save your life. You will become too floatable to escape or walk out of sinking planes effectively with the use of an inflated life vest. If you are floating, the exits will be hard to go through. This is one of the wonderful life hacks that work better if your plane is ditched over the water.

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3. If someone has a concussion, you just keep their head elevated.

It is one of the best first aid that we can do for a concussion. If any person has a concussion then their head should be elevated. It allows fluid to drain so it will not pool in their brain. This trick really works better for the person who is unconscious.

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4. If you are trapped inside a burning building, keep your head down

When you are trapped in a burning building you should keep your head down and close your eyes. It is better to avoid using an elevator. Most of the fire victims die due to the smoke inhaling rather than a fire itself because the poisonous smoke is very hot and it will rise whereas the fresh air remains on the ground. If you keep your head down then you will be getting fresh air so there is a chance for you to survive until help arrives. This trick will obviously raise your chances of survival if you are trapped inside a fire surrounded locale.

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5. Know about the limits of a human body

Limitations of human body follow the rule of three. This can also be termed as wilderness survival rules of 3. These limits of the human body will be helpful for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. These three rules are the basic survival skills.

  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 days without drinking
  • 3 weeks without eating
  • 3 hours without shelter in a harsh environment
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6. Men can take a pregnancy test and the positive result implies something bad.

If you are a man and you went for the pregnancy test for some reason and if it comes positive, it implies that you are suffering from testicular cancer. Testicular cancer will produce hormones that are similar to the hormones produced during pregnancy and due to this reason the particular person gets a positive result when he undergoes a pregnancy test.

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7. What exactly Emergency calls only sign in your mobile means

There are many cell phones that can dial an emergency number, even without the availability of sim card. In those phones both the sim and phone have preprogrammed list of emergency numbers. If you dial an emergency number then a call will be setup. The point to be noted is, this trick works only in the GSM and 3G phones.

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8. If somebody’s stabbed, you should not take the knife out

One must know how to attend a stabbed wound. In such situation, you must try not to pull the knife out because the knife can block the blood vessels that were cut. By taking the knife out, bleeding will be more. If the wound is serious enough, any object hit your vein or artery, taking it out can kill the person in very few minutes. So, when you are happened to face such incident, you better know this before calling some professional help.

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9. While boarding a flight, always keep the +3/-8 rule in your mind

+ 3/- 8 rule is playing a major role in the aviation world. This rule indicates that you should be careful at the time of first 3 minutes after takeoff as well as last 8 minutes before landing. The flight crash inspectors confirmed that about 80% of the flight crash happened during this period. Therefore be vigilant and try to avoid sleeping during this time period.

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10. While shouting for help, call out specific people

If you are crying for help then it is better to call a specific person, something under the lines of, “hey you, with the blue cap”. This makes people more likely to respond. So that you will not be affected by the bystander effect.

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11. Heimlich maneuver- perform it when someone is choking

Obstruction of food or other objects can block the airway this criterion is known as choking in this case you may have hard time breathing. Then you should give Heimlich maneuver to that particular person. When a person is suffering from choking you should apply sudden upward pressure on the upper abdomen of a particular person to force a foreign object from the trachea. This life hack is a better first aid that we can do for choking victims.

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12. How to escape from terrorist attacks

Here are some useful tips that may increase your chances of survival

  • If you find people choking and collapsing, there may be some hazardous biological agents or chemicals floating in the air. In such case, you cover your nose and also mouth with a piece of wet cloth.
  • During the terrorist attacks you just run diagonally to the shooter or in a zigzag pattern, because it is very difficult to aim a moving target. It may save your life.
  • Playing dead may be a good idea but you perform this in the worst case, considering this as the last option.
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13. When you’re cooking oil catches fire, you don’t try to put it out with water

If your cooking oil catches fire, turn off the stove or tries to cover it up with a damp towel or a lid to interrupt the oxygen supply completely, so that it will die out on its own. If you use water, it will spread and splash drops of burning oil and make the fire even bigger. This trick will be helpful if you are cooking oil catches fire.

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14. Never stop in the driver’s blind spot

This useful trick is applicable to pedestrians, cyclists, and bikers. Driver’s blind spot is the invisible portions to drivers. You should not stop in this spot as the driver cannot see if you are in that particular position. This may lead to an accident.

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15. If you are caught in a riptide, don’t swim to shore.

If you’re caught yourself in a riptide, do not try to swim to the shore or into it or against it. Instead, swim parallel to the shore until you’re out of the current. Then, you can swim in.

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